hvac installation, Louisville KY

Call the experts at C Squared, Inc. for commercial HVAC services

A reliable, high-efficiency HVAC system is a key feature of your business operation. C Squared, Inc. specializes in commercial HVAC installations in Louisville & Shepherdsville, KY. If you’re building a large retail space or a hotel, you can rely on us to complete your HVAC installation.

We can install a wide range of commercial HVAC systems, including:
  • Steam and condensate systems
  • Forced-air systems
  • Split systems

For nearly 70 years, contractors have turned to us when they need an experienced and reliable business HVAC contractor in Louisville & Shepherdsville, KY to complete their installation quickly and efficiently. We don’t cut corners—we do HVAC installations right the first time. Call now for your no-obligation commercial HVAC installation estimate.

We're licensed in four states

C Squared is licensed and insured in four states: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. When you need a knowledgeable contractor to handle your commercial HVAC installation work, call us at 502-363-0069.